Smart Watches for Men Fitness

Smart Watches for Men Fitness

With the technology evolved and smartwatches have come into existence. With the smartphone’s men can track your physical exercise stats, daily movements and personal habits.  The watch which you are wearing on your wrist determines how well you can understand your workout.  Also, you will have access to altimeters, barometers, heart rate monitors and a whole boatload of data. So, these can be a motivation for you to keep pushing your body forward. Even you might be surprised how smartwatches helps in fitness whether you exercise or play sports, whether it can be indoors or outdoors. Below are the best smartwatches for men fitness.

Fitbit Charge HR wireless Activity Watch

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This wristband can be used continually for monitoring the heart rate, calories burned in many ways. Even all sort of activities can be considered including steps taken, distance travelled and floors climbed that can be tracked easily with the fitbit activity wristband. The watch also measures and save the quality of sleep and can wake you with a silent alarm.

Garmin Fenix 2 Watch

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with the added features   like usual heart rate, distance and pace data, the Garmin Fenix  2 watch will provide information like serious fitness buff about number of steps per minute and ground contact time. By taking all the information together you can analyze a particular workout. The other thing you can do is connect with the social media sites on mobile devices.  The Garmin Fenix is not only about watch and fitness coach and record keeper but it has a compass function.

Apple Watch

Thinking of the apple watch sport as apple’s fitness version of its smart watch. It looks like sleek, masculine and might look good at the gym. So, the watch can share the data with Apple products like Iphone’s .

New Balance LifeTRNr Watch

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This watch helps in keeping track of the calories you burn, the miles you can walk and the rate of the heartbeat.  The watch has calorie monitor which helps in finding your metabolic rate, your heart rate and how exercise you have done can be automatically resets at every midnight. Also, there is a finger touch heart rate function will let you about the heart conditioning. In this watch, there is a seven-day function which helps in keeping track of day to day activities for you.

Well, this are the watches which can be suitable for men fitness. Hope that I have covered al the topics in my article about best smartwatches for men fitness. Thanks for reading!